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17-01-98 5:16 PM Karina I hope they will indeed. I think so, they have 28 days to make things right as soon as possible 17-01-98 5:19 PM Karina Just received you e-mail you send to Aegean. Did you send it to them or shoudl I send this letter to them??????? Probably a stupid question: o ) I was just disconnected from icq and I can't get my other mail. I am really getting annoyed with my server. Last week I even couldn't call in to make contact. Now I can get my mail, that happens a little bit to often. going now. Hope to hear from you soon. Bye and Greetings Karina 17-01-98 8:01 PM Cg. Karina, you have to learn to like whatever that you are doing (learning German). If you don't you will find that it becomes more difficult for you. Try to enjoy learning it. Then only it will become much easier. By doing so you will earn more marks, hopefully. I hope my good Karina will find a good job. A good girl like you deserves a good job. Bye. 17-01-98 9:39 PM Karina Thanx, I have to admit, I am complaining to much. It is not so worse as I am telling, but I have to say that I rather do an English exam than a German exam. I will do my best, that's the only thing I can do. I am gonna do my utmost to find a job as soon as possible, although I am fortunate, because jobopportunities are very good right now. So I have good hopes for the future. Going now, was in need of a break. Bye, Karina 17-01-98 9:41 PM Cg. Okay do your best...I know you can do it... Bye. 17-01-98 11:52 PM Karina monkees or turttles:o ) Going now, have to study German. Next Tuesday I have got my exames. By the way I have to dogs. They were wet too. It's very cold in Holland right now. 2 degrees celcius. Although much better than last year; than it froze -13 around this time:o) Bye, I am little bit jealous right now after seeing those beeches and so much sun:o ) Bye, Karina 18-01-98 12:47 AM Karina By the way, I received an email from innkeeper@GuestWorl...., they said that I needed to add some signs in my homepage, to be registered with that certain company. How do I do that. I think it's better as I send you the E-mail, maybe you now what to do with it, I have really no idea. First have to find how to do that. But I'll will send you the E-mail to you. Okay? Bye and greetings, Karina 18-01-98 7:25 PM Karina Goodmorning, good afternoon to you! I am studying German right now, and I don't like it at all. I will be glad when it's over. I have to hang on for two more weeks and then I get my diploma. Yes!!! Than I have to go out for a job. Hope that I will find one as soon as possible. I need you bankaccount info for my money order. Next week i will be able to transfer the money to your account. Okay. Going now, Greetings. Have a wonderful day! Karina 18-01-98 10:31 PM Cg. Don't worry dear, I will do that... Concentrate on your exams. bye. 18-01-98 10:59 PM Karina I will. Going to work now. Bye!! By the way dreamt tonight about blue see, white beaches and turtless. Was really dissapointed when I woke up and realised that it was storming outside: o ) Stormy Greetings, Karina 18-01-98 11:01 PM Cg. You are great. look at your page now..reload and see a vertical blue line...that's what u dreamt is all about. bye. 19-01-98 10:09 PM Karina Hi, I told you that I had send two messages to Aegean. Guess what, they came back, apparantley I was Fridaynight very sleepy, because I misspelled Aegeans address. I have send it again. Would you please be so kind to send me a message when Aegean contacts you??? Thanx. Going to the shops now and further with study, althought I will be on the net a couple of times tonight. Tomorrwo finally exames, I am glad when it's over. Bye! 19-01-98 10:41 PM Cg. Any way it is over isn't it. So, you can rest and wait for the result. Let us hope that is in your favour. I want you to pass. Don't worry, you are going to pass....I know it. I think there is still snow there now. You should be cold. Are there underground shopping malls like the ones I saw in Toronto ,Canada? where you can shpo and not feeling cold? Bye....goiing to bed now. See you tomorrow.. 20-01-98 12:16 AM Karina I will. I just finished my 17th page learning. Things are going very well. I finally seem to grasp the Grammar. I usually make a lot of mistakes with it, but now I finally get it and things go very smoothly. I am busy translating scentences and I am doing very well. I don't always use the right word, but the Grammar is fine. Yes, I finally understand German Grammar. Tomorrow hopefully things will go just as smoothley. Gonna check the page and 20-01-98 12:17 AM Karina will proceed with learning. Tomorrow after my exams I can relax. Bye, will let you know what I think of the changes you made.HIHI Greetings, Karina 20-01-98 12:26 AM Karina Sorry Cg., but I looked at my page and I couldn't find the change. Maybe I misunderstood: o ) If so, please forgive me. Those German studies most gone to my head. Going now, I have to go on. Greetings and goodnight!! Karina 20-01-98 12:38 AM Karina Me again. I just received message from Aegean. They discovered that I so called ordered two cd's. I replied and told them of your letter and mine. So I think everything will be solved quickly. Really going now, bye! Karina 20-01-98 5:36 AM Cg. WED: 21/01/1998: 5:25 a.m. I just got up and read your messages (4 of them). So, I guess your country is nothing like Toronto. I can emagine how wet it is now....and cold,too. Aeagen did not write anything to me yet. The order number I got just 315. Don't worry too much dear.You will get your CD soon. As for the particulars you asked for from me; let us wait until you get your CD first. It is not very important. Bye......for now. 20-01-98 5:37 AM Cg. You are about to go to bed now I suppose... Good night dear Karina. Bye.... 20-01-98 10:09 PM Karina Hi Cg. Just got home, I am so tired. The exames were heavy, despite that I did lean them well. I just heard that my diktation went well, and think the scentenses went alright too, but the letter was so difficult. Made some pretty dum mistakes. I will be very, very pleased if I get a 6 or higher. As long if it's a sufficient mark to pass! Will look at your card now. You will hear from me me later. Bye! Karina 20-01-98 10:10 PM Karina I will be back later, first I have to let out the dogs again. Hopefully it's not gonna rain. Bye 20-01-98 10:35 PM Karina Hi Cg. I just got conformation that I only receive one cd and not two. I will use the name Jariwan and the password they gave me. So everything is finally solved now. At least I think so. I even got two messages. From two different departments. I just got home. I haven't received my mark for German yet. I will inform you when I do receive the CD. Hihi, I am so curious what's on it. Some of my friends already received it and are very 20-01-98 10:37 PM Cg. Okay.. good .. You should be happy now.. 20-01-98 10:37 PM Karina enthusiastic about it. Today I studied hard and I finally believe that I am gonna make it on time for my exames. I have been busy with sums: percentages, promilles, Indexnumbers and so on. Tomorrow my last day of the week and then 3 days off. Than next tuesday, D-day!! I have to talk in German than. O by the way, there has been a dramatic weather change over her. It's now sunny, cold but the wind has gone down. 20-01-98 10:38 PM Karina Yes, it took them about 10 e-mails to sort things out. They made me tell the story over and over again. Appearantly they had nothing better to do 20-01-98 10:38 PM Cg. the weather is celebrating your good fortune.. 20-01-98 10:39 PM Cg. saya something to me in German... 20-01-98 10:39 PM Karina Yes, that must be! Although although the temperature has gone down with the speed of light, since that the wind is gone. 20-01-98 10:40 PM Karina Hallo Cg, wie gehts es mit Ihnen? Haben Sie einen ganz netten Tag gehabt? 20-01-98 10:41 PM Cg. Good enjoy the good weather .......go out in the open... I can't make word of what u said.... 20-01-98 10:43 PM Karina Question again about the cd. I know this becomes irritating, but I just read the letter from Aegean a little bit better and they want to be absolute sure, that we didn't get two ordernumbers. They can be so difficult about this, they say this, because they are affraid that I (in this case you) will be charged twice. So please check your creditcard account. To make sure that not two cd's are charged. Thanx 20-01-98 10:43 PM Karina I asked you simply: Hi Cg., how was your day? 20-01-98 10:45 PM Cg. Oh...what a difficult language.... About the CD...if they charge me for two...What I can do is simply pay for one... Dont worry dear... 20-01-98 10:45 PM Karina Forget my message about Aegean. In the other e-mail is said that I am only one time registered. This is becoming quite confusing to me. Just wait and see. I think that I will receive the CD tomorrow, friday or Saturday. Yesterday my mother and father celebrated their 32 anniversary marriage. 20-01-98 10:47 PM Cg. Send my regards to your parents....wish they live happily everafter. 20-01-98 10:47 PM Karina I won't anymore. It's indeed a difficult language, although it has a lot of simularities with Dutch. It's hard to believe, but Dutch is even harder to learn. I read in a paper a few months ago, that Dutch is the number one in the list of difficult languages. Specially our grammar, is hard to take. Even for ourselves. 20-01-98 10:48 PM Karina Thanks, I have been teasing my mother. This year she becomes 50 and she really doesn't want to know it. She is in a state of denial. HIhihi! 20-01-98 10:51 PM Cg. Oh....I think orally..just is not very difficult....I mean the spoken lang. The grammar may be very difficult... Anyway, English is my second lang. That is good enough I can talk to u.....everyday with the standard of english that i have. 20-01-98 10:54 PM Karina Your English is definitly better than mine, hihi! Although it's just what you said. With English you can go all around the world. You will always meet people who speak a little bit English too. Although not in France, they simply refuse to adjust, very impolite people!! We Dutch always have to adjust and learn other languages, because all the tourist don't speak Dutch (besides the Belgians, and people from Suriname, Curacou and the Dutch Antill 20-01-98 10:55 PM Cg. What a good mother she is....u must love her very much.. Look at u....u must be really happy now, because u have started to talk about ur mother and all. Otherwise its always German and exams...... Are u happy now ? 20-01-98 10:56 PM Karina I am in a good mood today,hihi. Probably because the sun is shining. No that's not really it. Yesterday I was so tired, really couldn't do anything anymore. I feel much better today! 20-01-98 10:58 PM Cg. Good.... U have how many more days to go?...the exams ? 20-01-98 10:59 PM Karina Let me count... Tomorrow then monday and tuesday (German communication exam) Wednessday: Dutch and Commercial reporting exam and then if I get good grades for them, than I don't have to go to school anymore. Only to pick up my diploma. But I am not there yet, first to make it through those exams 20-01-98 11:02 PM Cg. Okay. The best medicine for all those things that u have to go through is happiness. So, be happy...u will be able to go through them all. 20-01-98 11:03 PM Karina Hi, just received your rose. Thank you, it's a beautiful rose. Has it got a name. In Holland we give all kinds of flowers a name. For instance all our tulips have names. Sometimes real funny ones. Like Zombie 20-01-98 11:04 PM Cg. No name yet.....sorry i forgot it..... lets name it karina then....hehehe 20-01-98 11:04 PM Karina Yes and I have to be positive and have a little bit more faith in myself. Yesterday I did my best and that's really all I can do. O yes, we have a park called: De Keukenhof. It's one of the biggest gardens in Europe and Worldfamous. There grows all kinds of tulips you can imagine. Specially in Spring a breathtaking experience 20-01-98 11:05 PM Karina I bet that the scientist who discovered this rose will not be pleased with that, hihi 20-01-98 11:07 PM Cg. I remember seeing pictures of tulips before....I even saw them grown in the city in Toronto, Canada. I was just kidding about naming the rose karina. but, why not.... 20-01-98 11:09 PM Karina Maybe it already exist. I heard such inspirational news on the NEWS yesterday!! In Holland the unemployement figures are going down with 17000 people a week!! We have now the lowest number of unemployees ever!!! And if things go on like this, there's of cause a big if. The economy has to remain stabil, but if it goes on like this, with the year 2000 Holland will be the first country without big unemployement numbers. There will be always 20-01-98 11:10 PM Karina unemployement, but things look very bright for my country now. Inflation is going down. Really nice to hear that: o ) 20-01-98 11:12 PM Cg. u are very lucky to be living in a country like yours.. that what i can see right is beautiful, peaceful and everything..... 20-01-98 11:13 PM Karina Aren't things peaceful in your country then? I don't think that there are wars in that region, are am I mistaking???? 20-01-98 11:15 PM Cg. My country is also very peaceful.... We can move around and go every where we like without fear. The people are friendly, too... Oh....the picture u sent is beautiful.... 20-01-98 11:16 PM Karina I suddenly remember that I have been there two years ago and I have got pictures from it. My sister and I went on a Holliday in Zeeland. You now where they build that big dam to protect us from the water. Have you ever heard from it? It's called Oosterscheldedam 20-01-98 11:17 PM Karina Which one, hihi?? The last one is absolutely the best. 20-01-98 11:21 PM Cg. I did read about the dam that protects u from the water...but i dont have the clear picture of how it looks like..... I am loading the 2nd picture now. 20-01-98 11:24 PM Karina Will try to find pictures from it. It's really unbelievable. I will go to my friends house tomorrow and ask her to scan some picuteres of it. O yes, I have a better picture of myself. I will send it to you tomorrow evening, quite late, so you will be probably up then. I am trying to locate pictures from V.O.C. ship Batiava, this one is rebuild in my city. Handbuild and absolutely gorgeous. It took them about 12 years to rebuild it. 20-01-98 11:27 PM Karina Not the shops are just wide in the open. Although there is no snow at the moment. It can be that there is snow in other countries. Here it's very stormy wet and very cold weather now. Hihi, pretty funny to hear you say that you'rg oing to bed now. I haven't even had my eveningdinner yet. I am going to enjoy a peacefull evening and put my exams out of my head. I just have to wait and see. You never know, I just have to think positive. O yes, ... 20-01-98 11:27 PM Cg. Karina, Just tell me the exect Day: Time: Dtae: at this moment. I really want to make out the exect time difference between Holland & Malaysia. 20-01-98 11:29 PM Karina Okay here we go: it's now Wednessday,16.26, 21-01-1998 20-01-98 11:31 PM Cg. So its actually like this: Malaysia Holland 23:27 16.27 20-01-98 11:32 PM Karina check out your mailbox. I send you a card. I forgot the URL, but you just open my mail. Did I tell you about the messages from Aegean. I got 3 yesterday. Hopefully did they finally sort it out. Bianca an other George Michael fan has already received her CD. She didn't have to wait for 28 days, and if I look at all the messages, I think they are busy with my order. By the way, please do send me your details. So I can transfer the money next week 20-01-98 11:32 PM Karina Yes, that's correct. Unbelievable how much 7 hours can make a difference 20-01-98 11:33 PM Karina goodbye and goodmorning:o ) Greetings, Karina 20-01-98 11:35 PM Cg. Everything is very unbelievable.... Talking to u everyday is unbelievable.. Being a close friend to u is unbelievable.. it's un believable... how come... 20-01-98 11:36 PM Karina What an invention is internet. The first time I talked with somebody from England I thought it was amazing, but then someone from India came along and then I was stunned. So far away, but so close. Be sure, that I am gonna visit your country one day! 20-01-98 11:38 PM Cg. you are most welcome. I will treat u like a queen. 20-01-98 11:38 PM Cg. soyyr a princess. 20-01-98 11:40 PM Karina We have already a queen. A very nice one by the way: o ) Will be going now. I will send you tomorrow or this evening (night for you) an email with all kinds of pictures I have found. I am still looking for the Batavia. I have pictures at home, will scan them to. You can see my sister also than, because she is on most of them. 20-01-98 11:43 PM Cg. I will wait for the pictures....I sure will love them... its almost midnight... see you tomorrow... good evening.. bye. 20-01-98 11:43 PM Karina Have a good night sleep!! Till tomorow, Bye!!!! 20-01-98 11:44 PM Cg. Byeee. 21-01-98 2:45 AM Karina Hi, me again. Important question. When you ordered that cd for me the first time, did they gave you an order number??? The second time was 315, but do you remember the first one?? hihi, probably not, but you never know. Aegean asked me to name the two ordernumbers. O dear Ishould have suggested to take out number 315 and let the other one be executed. Just wait and see what they will write me tomorrow. Going now, byebye!!! 21-01-98 5:30 AM Cg. Dear Karina, On the bottom of ur mouse there is an opening. Turn it anti clockwise and take the ball out. Inside the mouse there are 3 rollong points that touch the ball when the ball is inside. U clean those 3 points with a sharp pointed knife ( Scrap the dirt out). It should be okay after that. Bye. 21-01-98 5:32 AM Cg. I sent yur URL straigt to the bookmarks before opening, but I could not find the first one. I only got the ships. Bye. 21-01-98 10:22 PM Karina Hi, just wanted to tell you that I have received the membersonline CD!! They have send only one, so there is no problem. Please, send me your bankdetails soon: o) I just got home from school. I am going to walk with the dogs now and do some more homework. I will be probably online when you get up again, hihi. So than I am available then. That's around midnight here in Europe 24.000 hours. Bye: o ) 21-01-98 10:26 PM Cg. Okay... Everything seems to be fine now. Enjoy your CD dear. Funny are going out when I am late at night here. That's what global village is all about. Bye. 21-01-98 11:29 PM Karina Hihi, can't promise you in the near future, but I will certanly do my best. 21-01-98 11:29 PM Karina Do you know a lot of computers. My mouse isnt' going so smoothly, does this mean that I have to clean it from the inside? How do I do that? 22-01-98 6:58 AM Cg. It is almost midnight now in Holland. You must be in bed now... Goodnoght! 22-01-98 7:01 AM Karina Hihi, I am going pretty soon. Just wanted to tell you about the CD-Rom. It works fine. took me quite some time to figure it out. Got an apologie from aegean for all the trouble. Also a thank you for the card I send them during Christmas time. Real nice. I have got Netscape Communicator 4.0 now. That was on the CD to. Real nice. Better mailbox than from Microsoft 22-01-98 7:02 AM Cg. You mean all this while you have been using IE ? 22-01-98 7:03 AM Karina IE 4.0 version. It worked fine by the way, didn't I tell you??