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Subject: about all kind of things Date: Sat, 31 Jan 1998 12:55:13 +0100 From: "karina Harting" To: "Omar Wan Mahmud" Hi Omar, Decided to use your real name. I used Cg. because I was used to it with ICQ. But I use the name George at ICQ and you don't call me George, hihi. So it's more than normal that use your real name: o) I like to tell you about the celebrations in my country now. We don't celebrate Ramadan, except of course by all the Moslem population in our country and we don't celebrate newjear, hihi except for the chinese community here, but we do celebrate the 60th birthday of our Queen Beatrix. hihihi. So your not the only one who's going to party: o ) Just kidding. Now seriously, her 60th birthday is on the 31th, this Saturday and the celebrations started of last Tuesday.Will try to find something of her on the internet. I didn't keep the letter I wrote you first. I tossed it away, because it was pretty bad. I was not pleased with it, that's why I started all over again. I have come up with a wonderful idea. I will to make a tape which will show you all kind of things about Holland. Will be difficult and I really cannot say when you gonna get it, (at least within 1998,hihi) but I will make a tape of my country. What kind of videosystem do you use??? I heard that for instance that the videotapes are different than the European system. We have got PAL. Whatever that means. I can make a tape, but it has no use when your not able to watch it. O yes, I have some surprise for you in mind, but I will not tell you what it is. Just wait and see. Can't tell when it arrives at your door. I think next month. It's a real beautiful gift and I hope you like it. O dear, apparantley I am suffering from a writers block, hihi. I really don't know what to write. Did you have a nice day yesterday?? I see that today your not online. Yesterday I tried to contact you several times, but World Acces my provider was not very cooperative. The computer didn't connect. Really frustrating. Thank you for your beautiful card. I really don't know how you do it, but it' really beautifull. O yes, at the end of February I will be 3 days in Paris, of course I will send you some cards. Than you can see where I have been. The last time I was in Paris, is about 8 years ago, so that is quite some time ago. Going now. The second URL is the speech from Beatrix when she received an honoury price from Germany. Greetings from your friend, Karina Subject: A Greeting Card Specially For You Date: 4 Feb 1998 00:08:02 +0800 From: To: Dear Omar Wan Mahmud, Karina has sent you a Greeting Card from CommerceAsia's Greeting Card Service. To view your Card, you must use an Internet Web Browser like the Microsoft Internet Explorer or the Netscape Navigator and view this URL: (You can cut and paste the address) Or you can come to our web page, Type in your Greeting Card No. and Password in the spaces provided. Your Greeting Card No. is: 1289921 and the Password is: 96456 Feel free to visit our Greeting Card Homepage at Please Note: Your Greeting Card will be retained in the system for 30 days after which it will be automatically deleted. Yours Sincerely, CommerceAsia's Greeting Card WebMaster Email: Homepage: Subject: picture of me. Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 13:59:45 +0100 From: "karina Harting" To: "Omar Wan Mahmud" Hoi Omar, Here is the picture. Not a bad one if I may say so. Greetings, Karina Name: Karina.jpg Karina.jpg Type: JPEG Image (image/jpeg) Encoding: base64 Subject: Hello! Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 16:29:55 +0100 From: "karina Harting" To: "Omar Wan Mahmud" Hoi Omar!! Here is the e-mail that I promised. I have found some url's. One about speedskating. The story of the Dutch guy who won Gold.Hihi, I won't stop talking about that! I have also tried to find some nice url's about my country. More difficult than I expected. Haven't done much really, besides eating and talking with my parents and watching some tv. Always have the intention to tell you a lot, but I am strangely lost for words when Iam written e-mails,hihi!! Here is by the way the URL about the speedskater:
sport/speedsk/articles/romme8.htm the guys name is Gianni Romme. I will not overwhelm you with more sports, don't you worry, hihi. Will try to find some culture,hihi o dear, my provider has cut me of again. I will try to reconnect. Here I am again, it am not lucky. So the URL's has to wait, but I will try later in the evening to send you this e-mail. It's now 21.16. I will quite for now and try later again. O yes, I wanted to ask you: have you ever been to Europe?? Maybe you have said it, but I am not sure. Hihi, I am very chaotic, but you probably know that by now. o yes, when I come do prepare yourself, better: brace yourself. I talk a lot. My mother always say that I can drive somebody nuts with al my talking. Hihi Going to take a break now, and gonna try later to send you more URL's. Hi Omar, It's now 22.30 hours and I cannot get any connection with the internet. I am going to bed now, I will try to finish the letter tomorrow...... Hi, here Iam again. It's now 16.23 hours and currently we are talking via ICQ. I wanted to put the URL's in the letter and surprise you with it, but (hihi) I have already sent them to you. By the way many thanks for that URL that you sent me. Only one thing I really don't understand is, how many passes needs a person to get in Malaysia. I read about a borderpassport and so on. I thought that a Dutch passport would be sufficient. Please explain that to me. I do understand that I probably need a visa to get into your country, am I right?? I will study it better, luckily I have enough time to prepare myself. Another difficult question? You have send me a list of hotels to , but than I have to be sure that I will checkin with a hotel near you. I have to find the right travelagency to do that for me. there are enough hotels in you area is not it?? Hihi, I probably are driving you nuts already. Going now, so you can read this so called letter, hihi. Tonight I am away off to my friend. Bye, Greetings, Karina Subject: icq Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 11:02:45 +0100 From: "karina Harting" To: "Omar Wan Mahmud" Hi Cg. Wanted to get in contact with you through ICQ but it doesn't work, cannot get any connection with ICQ. But I just wanted to let you know that I am online at 16.00 hours my time again. Bye!! Karina Subject: intenet and telephone bills Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 17:50:17 +0100 From: "karina Harting" To: "Omar Wan Mahmud" Hi Omar, I am sending you this e-mail because I have to make an announcement, not a real nice one but a very necessary one. I received my telephone bill today and it was way too much!! I cannot go on like this, so I decided that I will cut back in time on the internet. I will send you mostly e-mail's simply because mailing through ICQ in the day time is much to expensive. Only in the weekend in the evening it's much cheaper. So I will be available on ICQ late in the evening(Dutch time) when you get up again and in the weekend all weekend. hihi, that doesn't mean that I will be online all weekend, but then I will be available on ICQ I hope you have understanding for this. I have to get the telephone bill down so that's way I have to take these dramatic discission. I have send an e-mail to everybody to tell them that. So that they know that I haven't given up on the internet, only cut back. 434 Dutch Guilders is simply too much. Okay, this was it. I missed you today but tomorrow I will make up for today. I 'll be online than okay??? Again sorry for this, but I really have to be realistic in this. Hopefully till tomorrow on the internet. Hihihi, from now on I will be flooding you with e-mails. I will write them offline and send them in only one telephone call. So much better: o ) Greetings and hopefully till tomorrow. Karina Subject: HI!!! Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 21:50:11 +0100 From: "karina Harting" To: "Omar Wan Mahmud" . Hi Omar! Here is the e-mail that I promised you: o ) Hihi, I got it again. Give me a minute. I always have difficulties to start, but when I am underway, hihi brace yourself. You asked about that player (football) who got sacked with the English footballclub Chelsea. That was Ruud Gullit. A brilliant player, who won with the Dutch National team of the Netherlands the European Championships in 1988. He also played with AC Milan together with Marco van Basten. Ever heard of him. But anyway, he got manager from Chelsea and did very well. They are second in the Premier League and they won the F.A. Cup last year. But suddenly they sacked him without apparent reason. He still doesn't know why. So unfair. But we do hope that he will return to the Netherlands and coaches another team. Hihi, just 3 more days and I will go to Paris!! Hopefully we have nice weather. I will stay Thursday evening with my sister, because we have to get up very early in the morning. The bus from the tour-operator leaves from 7.00 hours. We don't know how long it will take before we in Paris. We went in 1990 and that was awful. We had to leave at 5.00 o'clock (no joke) and we were 17.00 hours in Paris. What a nightmare. But I heard they improved things. Anyway it will be wonderful I hope!!: o ) I saw that you added the URL's I send you to my page, hihi. I looked at them right away. O yes, I forget. I received an e-mail from the guestbook organisation. I could win something if I entered. I will forward the message. Maybe you know what to do with it!! Went yesterday, like I told you to the movie Titanic. Such a good movie. Specially how they filmed how the ship finally went under. Of course very dramatic, but brilliantly made!! I searched right away for some pages about the titanic. Of course, you have to read them,hihihi!!!!!!! I will send them through ICQ. This year are the new elections for a new government in my country. All these politicians who try to sell all kind of things to the public. I will stick to the Prime Minister. My vote goes to him! O yes, please do tell me when you have received my present. It has got to do with knowledge,hihi. Really hope you like it. And again thank you so very much for your nice gift. I was totally dumfounded when I received your message. When I get in Malaysia next year I will bring some nice things from my country. Hihi, hoping that I won't get problems with customs: o ) Have you ever tasted Dutch Gouda Cheese??? It's absolutely delicious. And we also got a kind of sweet, thats typical Dutch. You have to like it. Tourists react always in a strange way when they eat it. And when you get to Holland one day I will show you around in the Netherlands!!! First thing we will do is going to Amsterdam: o ) You can see then the paintings from Van Gogh and Rembrand. And of course I will take you to an Ajax game. Hihi, at least if I am lucky. It's very difficult to get tickets. But I will make sure that you will see their stadium. It's called the "Amsterdam Arena". And don't forget the tulips in de Keukenhof not and of course I will be taking you to the Efteling. Hihi, but that will be later in the future. But I will make sure than that you won't be bored!! I am going off now. Looking for those URL's. Don't know if I am online tomorrow but I will make sure that you will notice when I am there: o )) Greetings, Karina Subject: Sorry your feline under the weather - from Karina Date: Wed, 18 Feb 98 12:40:49 -00800 (PST) From: (Karina) To: (Omar) Guess what!! Karina has just sent you an animated greeting card You can pick up your personal greeting by connecting to the following WWW Address
Subject: Paris Part one Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 22:08:59 +0100 From: "karina Harting" To: "Omar Wan Mahmud" Hoi Omar!! Nice to hear that you are feelin much better now. I have send you a get well card through internet. Hopefully did you get it. What do you think of my background. Hopefully can you see it. It's a picture from Disneyland Paris. It's the castle of Snow-white. The beginning of Phantasialand. The most beautiful part of Disneyland, with very exiting attractions. I have send you an URL of Disneyland in Europe. There you can see all kind of beautiful pictures, so you can see what I have seen. Okay, but now I want to tell you about the trip. I hope that you can read this well. I need all kind of colours so you can read this. More difficult than I expectedSo here I go!! I stayed on Thursday with my sister because we had to get up very early. We left with the bus of 7.00 o'clock to Eindhoven. There we left with another group for Paris Disneyland. We had to wait quite a while for all the buses to come in and then all the passengers were distributed over the busses with the different holiday destinations. The trip was nice. We had wonderful weather. We had several pauses underway. We ate lunch in Belgium and then we drove on to Paris. My sister and I have been to Paris before. That was about 8 years ago, so long ago. We had a terrible journey back than. We took than 13 a 14 hours before we reached the hotel. This time, things went a lot better. We arrived at the hotel at 17.30 hours. The hotel was huge. The room was so much better than we expected. We had a refrigerator, bath, two beds and a television and telephone. We took a shower to refreshen, put all the clothes in the cabins. We didn't bring a long to much, because we wanted to travel light. Than we went with the whole company to a restaurant. The prices were low there and the food wasn't bad at all. We had been there before so we did now what to expect. hihi. Petra(my sister) and I decided than to go out on our own. The others went out on a boattrip on the Seinne, but we didn't want to, because we had done that before. We went to Place the La Concorde. From that square you can see the Arc du Triomph, really beautiful!!! All these cars driving over de Cjhamp d"Elyssee. (Forgive me when I write these difficult names wrong, not very good at French,hihihihihihi!) A real beautifull site. It almost looked like that the cars were driving under the Arc, but that isn't so. Under the Arc lies the grave of an unknown soldier. Omar, gonna finish this part. Will use another e-mail because the background is driving me nuts. It will probably drive you nuts to. So I am back in part two. Hihihi. So you will get two e-mails. The second one with a normal background. Hihi, C U in part two!! Greetings, Karina Subject: Paris Part two Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 23:55:57 +0100 From: "karina Harting" To: "Omar Wan Mahmud" Hoi Omar!! Here I am back! I got crazy from the different colours. I think it must have been pretty difficult to read it. That was not my intention. Okay, going further now. Ooops, where was I. O yes, we went out for dinner in a restaurant with the whole group. After that my sister and I left for The Place de la Concorde. Hihi, I already told you this. Anyway, the view was amazing!! So incredible!! We decided than to walk to the Eifeltower. A pretty long walk to the Eifeltower. We walked along the Seine, which was very nice. The weather was fine, about 17 degrees, no wind. A very romantic mood. We finally reached the Eifeltower. Wow, so big, so unbelievable. You really have to visit it one day. We went up all to the top. Pretty scary: o ) But the view was amazing. We could see all the beautiful things from Paris. The Scare Cour, a beautiful church and the place where Napoleon is buried. The Arc de Triomph and so on. We could also the Bateaux Rouch, the place where you can take a boattrip over the Seine. After that we decided to go back there because there was our bus. On our way, we stumbled on a pretty emotional site. It was the flame of Liberty. A golden statue of a flame. The place was so special and emotional because under that statue was the tunnel where was the fatal accident with Diana and Dodi. On that place flowers, pictures and messages were put down. It made me cry: o ( We were very impressed by the occassion. But I am glad that I have seen it. Although it made me feel rather sad. Than we reached the bus. We expected that we had missed it, because we stayed rather long on the Eifeltower and we were preparing ourselves to travel back to the hotel by subway. But luckily it was not the case. The bus was still there so we could ride with them back to the hotel. But first we went to the Trocadero. That's near the Eifeltower. I will try to describe it, but you really have to see it for yourself. It's a sort of platform surrounded by round buildings at the sides. Just like I said you have to see it for yourself. On the platform you have a wonderful view of the Eifeltower. After that we went back to the hotel. Which was very welcome to us because we were very tired and we had to get up at 6.45 hours because we would leave early for Disneyland. We had breakfast. Not bad at all and then we went ahead. The trip to Disney was pretty short and about 9.00 hours we were in Disney. Ha, I felt like a child again. It was enormous. Never seen an amusement park like this. Really going back sometime. It was enormous. Everything was great besides the weather. It suddenly became very cold and very wet. That was not so nice. Around 5 or 6 o'clock we got in a little depression. We were so tired and cold. But we had to stay in the Park till 8.30 hours, because the chauffeur of the bus told us to be back at the bus at that time. But then we did something which brought our spirits back. We went into the Space Mountain. An attraction which is very scary!! It's a rolercoaster in the form as a skyrocket. First we were fired off, yes that sounds strange. Have no idea to describe it right. and then we went down with a speed, abnormal. There were 2 loops and corkscrews. So scary. I have never been in a rolercoaster before and we were very glad when it was over. But despite that it was so scary it gave us a good feelin that we made it. So than our spirits were up, hihihi. About 22.00 hours we were back in the hotel. Totally exhausted. But we had to get up early again. You can imagine that this weekend was very hard for my body. I am still a little bit dizzy. I feel very light in my head. The last day we went to the Scare Cour and in Monmatre, the paintersdistrict. We left Paris at 11.45 ahead back to the Netherlands. We got a free eveningdinner in Mc.Donalds and then we left for Eindhoven. There we got a little bit excitement. Our bus clashed into a Mercedes. Not very serious. Nobody got heard. The Mercedes was damaged badly, the bus didn't have anything. After that we got even more exitement than we asked for. It appeared that an other busdriver had left some people behind in Paris, because at every excursion the got back late, at least 20 minutes each time. The last time in Monmatre, he got so irritated so he went away with the other passengers. So he left them stand there. Not so nice, but very understandable. But here it comes. We had to ride back to Lelystad with him. Not so bad, but the people which stayed behind were picked up by another bus from this operation and brought home. They came to collect their luggage with this chauffeur. They started to argue with him. Not so pretty. I was glad when they finally went away. So we could leave for home. Hihi, that was it. Not very exiting, only if you have been there. Hihi, but I am sure that you will see it one day. Going off now. Very tired, still dizzy. I am a little bit worried about that. If I am still dizzy tomorrow, than I will check it out with my doctor. O yes, if you want to ask something about the pictures more details for instance, than I can tell you. sadly enough there wasn't a book with more text. There were a lot of books with text, but only in Dutch. So when you do have a question do not hesitate to ask. I really like to tell you about it. Greetings, Karina. Don't forget to check out the URL in part one of this letter. Doei (that's how we say goodbye in the Netherlands) hihi, will try to learn you to speak Dutch. Hihi, rather difficult without sound. Really going now. Really tired. Till tomorrow. Goodbye, Karina