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-------------------------------------- ICQ Messages Log For: 5440949 Karina Started on Thu Jan 22 20:57:18 1998 -------------------------------------- 04-01-98 4:00 AM Cg. nice to hear from you... and it is important to let u know that i have been wanting to talk to someone from the netherlands badly. i hope we can chat whenever u're free in the near future. but i am confused with this george & karina "thing"...........please clearify.... thank u. 04-01-98 4:08 AM Karina Hi, I'm Karina from the Netherlands. I chose the name George, because he's my idol. It also gives me a little bit of protection, because everybody thinks I'm a boy. Nice to hear from you, i'm going now. Tomorrow evening I'm problably online, but I don't know about the time. there's probably another timeschedule in your country. By the way I'm 26. Go now, bye. 04-01-98 4:11 AM Cg. it is 4.09 a.m. here righ now.. that will give u some idea of the time difference... thank u for the response.... 04-01-98 4:12 AM Karina It's middle in the night for you, or am I mistaking? 04-01-98 4:14 AM Cg. please give me ur am/pm ....that will give me some idea.... 04-01-98 4:15 AM Karina It's now here in the Netherlands 21.20 in the evening. So I suppose it's now with you 4.10 in the middle of the night, yes????? What are your hobbies and what kind of subjects do you like to talk about? 04-01-98 4:19 AM Cg. it is 4.15 hours past midnight here.... i up right now because i am sort writing a book online... i can send u the URL if u like to receive one... i know there people there who can speak my language ...Malay/Indinesian. 04-01-98 4:21 AM Karina You mean that your online book is written in your language, if so, than I will have difficulties understanding. I know a lot of Malasyans live here, but I must confess I don't know someone in my surroundings. Tell something about your self, I would like that. 04-01-98 4:26 AM Karina I just opened this site, first have to look at it. I already see your name. Get back to you soon, I'm gonna look first, okay? 04-01-98 4:27 AM Cg. ok..... 04-01-98 4:28 AM Karina Can I open the space where your name is, it didn't work at this moment 04-01-98 4:29 AM Cg. go down to the book contents and si the corourful area in the frames. 04-01-98 4:30 AM Karina okay, you hear from me 04-01-98 4:31 AM Cg. thank u...... i think i'm going to like u... 04-01-98 4:33 AM Karina hahaha, u are talking to a dumbo, still trying to find the book contens. I went down page, but I really couldnt' understand what is written. Should I loot at the top of the page, Jee, this is pretty complicated for me, probably because I've been studying German today for my exams 04-01-98 4:35 AM Cg. just below the top...and the links are underlined. or did i send u the wrong URL... 04-01-98 4:36 AM Karina I will look, I just clicked on something and then they were talking about a kind of school. I'm now on the page again you have send me. I will try again. 04-01-98 4:37 AM Cg. its ok.....who knows what happend today may lead u to learning another language... that will enrich u further... 04-01-98 4:38 AM Karina hihi, I see Penulisan Buku Online/Book writing online, but I don't now how to get there. Am I close? 04-01-98 4:40 AM Karina I found your webpage number, but that's all. 04-01-98 4:40 AM Cg. ok karina, u try and reload it and see....u might not get the updated one.. anyway if u still can't get it now..forget about it... u will be able to get it later... 04-01-98 4:41 AM Karina I will try to reload it. Okay 04-01-98 4:41 AM Cg. ok..... 04-01-98 4:42 AM Karina He is busy reloading. 04-01-98 4:42 AM Cg. ok u will get it eventually... 04-01-98 4:44 AM Karina Maybe this year, hihihi. I found out that under the picture this is the lyrics: Dan Anda Pelawat Yang Ke , than a numer and thanSemenjak 05 Disember, 1997. Does this mean that this is the issue of 5 December 04-01-98 4:47 AM Cg. that's ur visitor number....since 5 Dec,1997. karina, do u mean to saya that u just have the top part my 1st page.? Its a very long page ... 04-01-98 4:49 AM Karina I know in the middle of the page there's a story, a very long story, with a orange colour banner on the left, vertical. Is that your book? It must be and al the titles in various colours must be the chapters or not??? 04-01-98 4:50 AM Karina The picture is that you??? 04-01-98 4:50 AM Cg. yes, u got it......when u click the coloured ones u will go to the diferent pages... 04-01-98 4:51 AM Cg. ya..that's a Malaysian..... 04-01-98 4:52 AM Karina Yes, I found it, I'm sorry but I really can't read it. What's the english title or don't you have a english title. And what is the storyline? 04-01-98 4:52 AM Karina I know, but is it you? 04-01-98 4:53 AM Cg. it's abaout schools in malaysia since the 50s....that's why u see a 1958 photo in the beginning...i am trying to show the improvement up till 2000. 04-01-98 4:54 AM Cg. yes, its me....but how do u look like? 04-01-98 4:55 AM Karina There must be an improvement surely. What is your proffesion than? 04-01-98 4:57 AM Cg. i'm a school principal... 04-01-98 4:58 AM Karina I am 26, I am very small, only 4.7 inches. I got a mixture of red/blonde/brown hair. Very difficult to describe. Small face, everything really small. I go study for sales representative. I almost finished school .I only have to go for 3 weeks and this friday I have been offered a job, with a insurance company. Hopefully I will get the job! 04-01-98 5:00 AM Karina O dear, thank god I was always a brave girl, I never had to visit the school principal. hihi. 04-01-98 5:00 AM Cg. i would like to hear from u again... right now i must really have some sleep... so do call again... until then... bye...hope u will get the job... 04-01-98 5:01 AM Karina Thanx, could you give me your Url again, I did something stupid with my computer. I wish you goodnight, I have to go to sleep also, I have to go to school tomorrow. O by the way, a happy newjear to you! 04-01-98 5:13 AM Cg. good night... so remember that i am 7 hours ahead of u.... please pick the right time when u wnat to call next time... bye...happy new year. Hope u get the job... 04-01-98 5:15 AM Karina Bye, bye I will take notice of the 7 hours time difference. I will send a offline message if I got the job or not. Bye and once again, goodnight. 04-01-98 5:16 AM Cg. nice talking to u..... bye... take care... 04-01-98 5:17 AM Karina Nice talking to u also, take care, is there no school now? 04-01-98 5:18 AM Cg. it is 5.17 in the morning...still dark.... school starts at 7.15 04-01-98 5:19 AM Karina Don't you need any sleep then? I'm going offline now. Really have to quit now. I have troubles with gething up in the morning. I have to get up at 6.30. Bye. See you 04-01-98 11:54 PM Karina hi, tried to send a message to you, but it didn't work. I can't chat right now. I have written down your number. Hope to hear from you again. Bye 05-01-98 5:18 AM Cg. got ur message 5.15 am this morning.... hard..and pass all the exams... i still hope that u will get the job. thanx 4 the message. 05-01-98 5:21 AM Cg. thanx 4 the promise to send me the mail about ur country. i love that..... u are nice & i know i can trust u...... bye...... 06-01-98 12:21 AM Karina Hi, thanks for the URL. I sticked it to my bookmarks. I called the employementagency, it will take at least a couple days more before they know anything. I will be contacted if I'm selected for an interview. So just wait and see. Hopefully they will! Bye, I don't wil be much online this evening, I've got to study for my exams. Busy times, I've got 4 exams a head of me, all in 3 weeks. Goodbye and good evening/night to you! 06-01-98 1:36 AM Karina Hi, I JUST FIND TO LOOK AT THE PAGE YOU SEND TO ME, THANK YOUR FOR THAT NICE MESSAGE. I HOPE ALSO THAT PEOPLE IN THE WORLD FINALLY WILL UNDERSTAND THAT WE HAVE TO LIVE IN PEACE WITH EACH OTHER AND MOST OF ALL LOVE AND RESPECT EACH OTHER!! I WILL TRY TO SEND YOU A MAIL TOMORROW, MORE ABOUT MY COUNTRY, HOPE YOU LIKE THAT. BYE Karina 06-01-98 5:54 AM Cg. i am using netscape communicator 4.04.. i think i can manage send your photos..... 06-01-98 7:35 AM Cg. ok....good night karina... 06-01-98 11:48 PM Karina I am busy writting your email. You can better sit when you receive him, it's gonna be a long one. I hope that I don't bore you to death. I have written some general stuff about my country, plus a story about the Eleven City race, I don't know if you ever heard from it, but after reading my mail, you will know. It's really fun, at least it means a lot to the Dutch. Bye. 06-01-98 11:52 PM Cg. ok karina have u sent it already? i am waiting..... thank u so much for the trouble u have taken... i will enjoy it, i know.. 06-01-98 11:55 PM Karina No, I am busy on the internet, try to find the right pictures to add. you will receive your mail for 18.00 hours European time. That's 1.00 O'clock in the night with. you. I try to short cut it and save the rest for another mail. Okay. First the pictures and I assure you, today you will receive it 06-01-98 11:57 PM Karina Hi, thanx for the warning. Before i'm gonna write this long story, there's enough to tell about my country, I would like to now, what kind of browser do you use? I've got Outlook Express and I can put pictures in my Email. It would be nice if you could see them than, if not than I will attach them. . Cannot promise you that the mail will arrive today, more probably tomorrow eving, in the night. I would like to tell about some typical Dutch .. 06-01-98 11:57 PM Cg. ok karina.... i'll wait for it... thanks again. 06-01-98 11:58 PM Karina Hi, go to this url and you willl be able to read some general stuff about my country. they have english pages to. 06-01-98 11:59 PM Karina events and about our schoolsystem. Almost about everything. I need some time for that. But tomorrownight you will surley receive my email. Please do let me know which browser do you use. With kind regards, Karina. By the way, the weather is dreadfull out here. A lot of storm and rain. What's the weather outthere? Probably much better!! 07-01-98 12:04 AM Cg. thank u very much karina.. i'll view it... 07-01-98 7:20 AM Karina Hi, I asked you about your browser, because I want to send pictures in my mail, so you can see right away what I'm talking about. I will try to add the pictures in the story. Maybe one day I will come to Malesia, you never know, hihi. Thanx for your genorous invitation, I will keep it in mind. I'm going to sleep now, its rather late and I have to get up in the morning. Was with my friend this evening. Bye 07-01-98 8:55 AM Cg. ok karina... don't bother now...i have got it already.. u know what i did? i saved it to my hd; then opened the gif & jpg files one by one with my photo i got u opening your jacket and with george on on your i that u? ok ..i will open the rest now. thank u for everything ...i willsure that you will get something in return. thanx. 07-01-98 10:50 PM Karina Hi Cg, dat page you made for me, is really incredible. So cool!!!!! Thanks, I really have no idea to make such a page. I saved it in mybookmarks. tonight, with you it's already night, I will look it completely through. I am going to the shops now, with my mother. Nice that you were able to see the pictures. The girl in the pictures is indeed me. But probably guessed that already. I will let your hear from me later. Bye for now 07-01-98 10:57 PM Cg. karina... don't forget to reload the page everytime u visit it... it will take sometime to load cause i put an applet in it... 08-01-98 12:32 AM Karina I won't, you told me in one of your messages. Really cool, my friend wanted to see it to, he and she are a little bit jealous now, hihihi. No, I am only joking. Tonight I'm gonna look at in full. Tomorrow you will have part to of the Dutch story. Do I send that by mail, or can i do it the same way you do it? Would be handy, hihihi Or should I just send an email????? I will tell you than about parts of my country. 08-01-98 12:34 AM Cg. the same way will be fine...... 08-01-98 12:35 AM Karina Okay, are you only one who can make changes on that page???? Or can I add to that story on the Flevoland section?? I'm really curious how that works! 08-01-98 12:37 AM Cg. since i am the one who has tthe password, u will have to tell me what to include in your page...i will do it for u.....just tell me what to include.... 08-01-98 12:40 AM Karina okay, i will remember that for my next email. I will send you more stuff about my country and so on. I will let you know than what i would like to see on that page, Okay?? If it's fine by you? I'm going now, must eat. I am going to eat a pizza. Yes!! O yes, I'm gonna add my profile in a url namen Dutchgnotes. It's a mailingfanclub of George Michael. I will give you the url later, so you can read that also. But that will be some what later, ok? 08-01-98 12:42 AM Cg. ok.... enjoy your pizza... 08-01-98 12:43 AM Karina Thanks, it's probably almost bedtime in Malasia. Real strange if you think about it. Hope you had a nice dinner and I also say goodnight. Bye Karina 08-01-98 12:45 AM Cg. thanx for every thing... goodnight... byeeee. 08-01-98 10:21 AM Cg. karina.....while u were sound asleep i decided to remove the applet on your page bacause it made loading difficult. hope u like the new set up.....what do i put in the empty spaces?....tell me..let me do it for u... i suggest u use it as ur start page.... 09-01-98 1:08 AM Cg. dear karina, i was forced to be offline for nearly four hours because there was a blackout...ur message came during that time. i want u to know that u are my guest and i want u to be proud of ur page. u can put anything on micheal or any thing... i am glad that u have made it ur start page....i will make it look world class and beautiful....u can even put it in Dutch. i am sending it offline....byeeeee for now. 09-01-98 1:13 AM Cg. i tried to say that u are karina harting and that u want to communicate with george fans in the Dutch i used correct on ur page? bye...... 09-01-98 1:26 AM Karina Gooooooooodddnight!!!!!!! 09-01-98 5:24 AM Cg. How was the movie ? Was it English or Dutch movie ? About the Dutch words that I used...they were copied from one of the pages u sent. I find that Dutch is not a difficult learn. See u. Cg. 09-01-98 5:40 AM Karina It was an American movie called: The fith Element. Very futuristic, but great fun. 09-01-98 5:43 AM Cg. So u are back.... karina...about the photos u want to send...are they scanned photos ? if they are i would prefer that u send them by files... 09-01-98 5:43 AM Karina I have pictures, they are scanned and the most have been taken of from the internet 09-01-98 5:47 AM Cg. if that's the case..then i think u could save them first...then send them in file forms.. that will save all trouble of turning them into fails again here.. if i am noe lucky i might get HTML codes and this is giong to and a round about way... could u do that please.. 09-01-98 5:50 AM Karina I already saved them in files. I can pick them out of my George pictures file. No problem. I will send them tomorrow to you, if it's alright by you. I want them select first. 09-01-98 5:52 AM Cg. and u must remember one more thing... when u send files..both of us have to be what do u think will it be possible for u to send one or two now while we are both online? 09-01-98 5:53 AM Cg. u can email the text later... 09-01-98 5:54 AM Karina Okay, first i am gonna finish the message I am typing to my best friend. She invited me to come down tomorrow. 09-01-98 5:54 AM Cg. okay. 09-01-98 5:55 AM Karina icq is sending my messsages very slow 09-01-98 5:56 AM Cg. that's one of its weaknesses, but better than irc. 09-01-98 5:57 AM Karina Yes, that's really a dreadful program: o ) 09-01-98 6:00 AM Cg. i got one already... 09-01-98 6:02 AM Karina I know! What a handy program is icq. Although I have to admitt that I didn't know what the other functions meant, till you used it to send things to me: o ) 09-01-98 6:03 AM Cg. how long have you been with icq... 09-01-98 6:05 AM Karina Let me think. I had it before I installed Microsoft Explorer 4.0. Before that I had Netscape 3.2 I got a cd with ME 4.0 so i decided to use that one. A real beautiful program but it has some floors. Icq got stuck and didn't work anymore. so I have to install it again. Forgot my password and so on. But to answer your question: I think 3 months now. Or a little bit longer, got it from a friend who is also George Michael fan. Do you know his music? 09-01-98 8:00 AM Cg. George is on the internet ur page... i am off to my meeting now... byeeeee..... 09-01-98 6:55 PM Karina Sorry, no mail today. Had to go away and I am very late at home . About 1.00 o clock in the night. I am gonna tape a video for an other GM fan so probably you will get another message around that time. The mail comes tomorrow than. It's than a sunday and I will have time enough. Bye 09-01-98 6:57 PM Cg. no hurry dear karina, by the way ..have u seen the page with george yet ? 09-01-98 9:39 PM Cg. u can keep the page for good. it is a present form me. when it is completed it will look better. If u want u can send a closeup photo of urs.. just like the one u sent for george, so that u will look clearer. the one on the page was zoomed from a small photo so it is not clear. bye. 09-01-98 10:36 PM Karina First I have to see the changes you made. I will let you soon know what I would like to place in that space. Indeed a good idea to start internet with that page. I will arange that tonight. In the afternoon, Internet is very expensive. I will send you then the thing I like to place in it. Can it be a picture??? My new story will reach you tomorrow. tonight I'm going to the movies. But first I will check the page out. Thank you very much! 09-01-98 10:37 PM Karina Okay, I be leaving soon. I just finished homework and others stuff. Will try to find a picture, which is better. Than I have to scan it first. i will send you tomorrow an Url, which belongs to that Dutch member page. Bye Thank you for that present!! karina 09-01-98 10:43 PM Cg. okay. take ur time. bye Cg. 09-01-98 11:49 PM Karina hi Cg! I put my page up as startpage. I would like to send a small pic of George Michael and some more info on him and myself. Is that allright. I hear from you! I finally got the chance to read your page. I really like it. I am now busy reading about Malasya. I'm glad that I now know what Cg means. See you! 10-01-98 3:03 AM Karina Hi Cg. The Dutch words u used were fine, only the sentence wasn't finished. I will send you by email the picture I want on that page and some more things. Thanx, how did you put it in Dutch words, really excellent. going now, to watch the movie. You will get my email tomorrow. Okay. Have a very goodnight. Karina 10-01-98 3:36 PM Cg. Please be informed that I have changed my E-mail address FROM: TO: So, please forward all E-mail letters to ""......Thank you. (Perubahan alamat E-mail daripada kepada ...........Terima kasih 10-01-98 7:02 PM Karina Hi, I send you this message to tell you that you won't receive much post from me today, don't feel all to well. Think I got the flue. Will write you mail to your new address. Going now, back to bed. Yesterday I got home very late, now I feel soooo bad. Sorry!!! Karina 10-01-98 7:05 PM Cg. oh dear..... i hope it is not too bad.....did u take ur medicine ? ok....get well soon. have a good rest....... byeee.