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10-01-98 7:05 PM Cg. oh dear..... i hope it is not too bad.....did u take ur medicine ? ok....get well soon. have a good rest....... byeee. 10-01-98 7:08 PM Karina I have no medicine. Besides some asperines and a sort of drink for my throat. I was waiting for your reply before I am going offline. Going now. Thanx! have to get better, because I have got 4 exames this month. Bye, will try to write something tonight! Greetings, have a wonderful day, Karina 10-01-98 7:10 PM Cg. no hurry dear... take ur time... don't write anything tonight...have a very good rest..u will get well.. don't worry... bye. 10-01-98 7:41 PM Cg. first...get well. the writing comes second. byeeee 10-01-98 9:06 PM Karina NO, I am gonna check him out right now and then I will start with writting already a little bit. I will let you know what I think of it.. Bye,...Karina 10-01-98 9:10 PM Karina Excellent job!! Really well done. I will send you the story tomorrow. Hihi, never thought I would be able to fill in an own page. I believe that I got also a homepage from my server, but I am not sure. I really don't know how to build one either.thanks and goodbye! Karina 11-01-98 7:04 PM Karina Bye, I will make sure that my next mail will be spectaculair. Hihi. Bye now. Really going now. My bed is calling. Have a goodday!! Karina 11-01-98 10:03 PM Karina Short message, I have almost finished my mail. But I don't think that I will be able to finish today, so tomorrow will be the absolute arrivaldate,hihi. Maybe sooner. I just have to add some more things. I will send the pictures as attachments, I won't place them in the story, if I remember well, that wasn't a succes the last time. Going now. Bye, Karina 11-01-98 10:05 PM Cg. You are up and well already? Good... Take your time... bye. 11-01-98 11:04 PM Cg. dear karina, when u get back online there will be one URL waiting for u. i just completed it today. I want u to be the first to sign the guest book. will u...... 12-01-98 4:08 PM Cg. Dear Karina, in my guestbook u wrote "Karina.html"....That will not work, bacause The letter "K" has to be in small letter. So, u should write "karina.html" instead. Then only it can open your URL. That's how it is with this kind of is case sensitive. But, don't worry...I have corrected it for u. bye... 12-01-98 10:44 PM Karina I am walking around again. Even went to school Still feel a little bit weak, but so much better than yesterday. Really dreadfull. Going offline again. Wanted to find something on the internet. Probably will have to look for some more later. Busy writing now. I have the intention to tell something about our schoolsystem. More difficult than I expected. Hihi. Going now. Bye! 13-01-98 5:32 AM Cg. Dear Karina, I haven't seen the mail yet; but, thank u for sending that mail. I have to attend two meetings in a row today. Bye for now. Hope u are very well now. 13-01-98 4:15 PM Cg. Okay Karina, Your page is can test-drive it now. Hope you like it. Bye. 13-01-98 10:32 PM Cg. I really enjoyed reading your second letter. I felt as if I was visiting Holland. Thank you for the wonderful letter. You asked me about the school uniforms. Yes, students do wear uniforms. The primary ones wear white shirts/ "baju" for the girls and dark blue trousers/"kain" for the girls. The secondary student wear white (Boys) shirt &trousers. Girls wear white "baju" & light blue "kain". About myself, most of it can be found in my homepages. 13-01-98 10:33 PM Cg. Try and visit them first. Eventually I will add here and there to make the scattered story complete. Bye for now..... I love your letters. 14-01-98 3:28 AM Karina Hi Cg, I will send you the mail now. Could not find uptill now the right pics. But do not despair I will find them. Unbelievable how difficult this is. I will send them later in seperate mail. Bye. By the way, I am feeling much better know. I even overslept this morning, jaikes! Going to study Dutch now, so difficult, despite that it's my own language. Puffff! Greetings, Karina 14-01-98 4:47 AM Karina I finally was able to send you my mail. My server had difficulties sending and receiving earlier this evening. Bye! 14-01-98 5:35 PM Cg. Dear Karina, The same thing is happening to me, even know, all my images and a large number of my files are hosted by "SouthBeach" neighbourhood in GeoCities; and now SouthBeach is having some problem...up till now all my images including youe photos and some files are not accessible. I don't know what is going to happen if it is down for good, bacause my Book Online is also hosted by Geocities. 14-01-98 6:20 PM Karina Unbelievable what they are doing. I really don't understand this. I am a little bit depressed. I tried to become a member of the offical GM fanclub, but the server didn't respond (their server) and more dramaticaly.I probably cannot become a member at all, because I have to pay by creditcard (probably). I have no creditcard, so I can kiss that membership goodbye. Unbelievable. I hope for you that your bookonline still works, did you didn't keep 14-01-98 6:21 PM Karina most of it on files in your computer?? going now, gonna help mymother with some work. Let me know if your problems are solved. Bye. good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Karina 14-01-98 6:31 PM Cg. okay karina, I hope the problem could be rectified and resoled in a day or two... Too bad about your application to jion GM fan clab...isn't there another way u can post may be... 14-01-98 8:39 PM Cg. What a pitty....if only I could help. Karina, Think of a way out first.... you will get through, God willing.... Don't worry too much... 14-01-98 9:39 PM Cg. Karina Dear, Can you make arrangment so that I can fill-up your GM form by way of icq and use my credit card. Send me the form and your particulars... I really want to help it out. Cg. 14-01-98 10:06 PM Karina O that's really wonderfull of you. So I can wire the money to your bankaccount. I first have to find out how it works.. I have an idea. You can order on my behalfe. I will ask Bianca what they asked and then I will supply you with my info. Will that be okay? 14-01-98 10:08 PM Cg. Okay...that will be fine... Right now I am uploading the photos on your page to Tripod Server. In 15 minutes the photos will apear again on your page don't worry... 14-01-98 10:10 PM Karina I am now on the Aegean page, I will send you the exact URL okay? 14-01-98 10:14 PM Cg. Okay and you INFO too... 14-01-98 10:15 PM Karina I am checking out what they are going to ask and I will show you the way where to go. Thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 14-01-98 10:16 PM Cg. Okay..... 14-01-98 10:25 PM Karina Okay here we go: There are some particulars according to Bianca you should mind when you fill-out the form for me. Here we go: On the orderform there's a little space with a mark in it. You have to click that mark away. It's the same mark for example when you want to work offline, you put that mark in fron of offline. Do you understand. Rather difficult to describe. If you have done that, than another space will open where you can put my addre 14-01-98 10:27 PM Karina Here is my info: name: K.W. Harting Adress: Koraalrif 12 Zipcode: 8224 ZP City: Lelystad Country: The Netherlands email: loginname: Jari I believe that's it. Hopefully it works! 14-01-98 10:30 PM Karina The cd-rom costs 21.99 pounds, I don't know how much they charge for transport. I have to know that so I can send you the full amount to your bank. I will also need than your bankinfo. That's what my bank has been saying. So go to online shopping, membersonline cd and then follow the steps. Please, do not forget to take away the mark. Checkmark, is what I call it. Going to checkout my page again. The photo's were gone. O yes, by the way. 14-01-98 10:33 PM Karina Hey on this page they say that you can change your adress into mine, so they tell you straight away. have you been able to find it??? 14-01-98 10:37 PM Cg. I haven't opened the page yet ...busy reading your incoming messages...I will do it late... Check your page again...I think I have done it. The photos should be back. and check the guest book too. 14-01-98 10:38 PM Karina Okay!! O yes what kind of currency should I put on the moneyorder??? Going to check it out 14-01-98 10:40 PM Cg. Forget abaout that curency change first. Let me work on this registering business first..Okay...Karina. 14-01-98 10:43 PM Karina OKAY. I JUST CHECKED OUT THE PAGE. THE PICTURES ARE BACK AND I READ YOUR LOVELY MESSAGE IN MY GUESTBOOK! THAT FRASE IS SO FAMILIAR TO ME. O YES, I READ IT IN A BOOK OF JANE AUSTEN. DO YOU KNOW HERE WORK? SHE IS BEST NOVELWRITTER ENGLAND EVER HAD, AT LEAST THAT' S MY OPINION. GONNA CHECKOUT THE REST NOW.: o ) 14-01-98 10:44 PM Cg. Okay I'll call you when everything is done.. 14-01-98 10:45 PM Karina okay, go further with reading 14-01-98 10:46 PM Cg. okay. 14-01-98 11:18 PM Karina I am going offline now, have to assist my mum. Will be back later! 14-01-98 11:57 PM Karina Will you let me know if you had succes???? going now. Thank you very much for taking so much trouble!!!! Greetings, Karina 15-01-98 12:01 AM Cg. You know what happened dear, I got disconnected when I was almost took mee almost one hour to get connected again. An d now I am hal way through again...the applets in the page is slowing me down...going page to page...but I can manage..will let you know later.. It is midnight here now... bye.... 15-01-98 12:02 AM Karina okay, will hear from you. I am writting a letter now. So a lot of succes. 15-01-98 12:53 AM Cg. Okay. It is done: Sold To: Deliver To: WAN OMAR MAHMUD KARINA W.HARTING 53,JALAN EMPAT, KORAALRIF 12 21400 K.TERENGGANU LELYSTAD MALAYSIA 8224ZP NL. 15-01-98 12:56 AM Cg. Order No: 315 Date:15.01.1998 Part No: ACC0003 24.75 Pounds Plus postage. enquire from : 15-01-98 1:01 AM Cg. Please note: "Jari" was rejected . So I changed it to "Jariwan" on your behalf byeeeee 15-01-98 5:21 AM Cg. As I said earlier... afriend in need is a friend indeed... being able to create happiness, God Willing, is indeed reward enough for me. I made you feel happy but in return I also could share the happiness. That's how life is......we need friends....witout friends life is actually meaningless. Bye... 15-01-98 6:16 AM Cg. Good night. 15-01-98 9:58 AM Cg. Karina, I have inserted a "LEAVE Cg. A MESSAGE" on Karina's Page, so that you can send me longer messages. I am the one who can open those messages. It placed at the bottom of the link column. Try it when you are on line. Byeeee. 15-01-98 4:22 PM Karina Hi, here I am finally!! I managed to read your messages from yesterday, or should I say the day before yesterday. Then I was disconnected. Yesterday I couldn't get any contact anymore with my provider. Sometimes the mailserver is down, but this time I couldn't get any contact with World acces. It's now 9.35 in the morning, and I just got up. Staying home today, don't feel to well. Gonna help my mother around the house. Will look in your pages! 15-01-98 4:24 PM Karina To read about you! I haven't checked out the changes you made in my page, so that's what I am gonna do also. tonight, because in the day time it's very expensive here and I pay the telephonebills around here! Greetings, Karina 15-01-98 8:03 PM Cg. Karina, What happened ? Did I spell your E-mail address wrongly anywhere? I might spell it wrongly due to carelessness. Hope it does not cause any problem. Bye for now. Enjoy the rest of the day. 15-01-98 8:20 PM Karina I already send an email to Aegean, to ask if I could pay by way of international Moneyorder. Or else I let an other fanclub order my membership and then I pay the money to this person. That's the only resulotion I can think of. But hopefully, I get a positive answer from Aegean. O dear, just heard from another fan that I can only become a member by creditcard. I am not very happy right now! 15-01-98 8:52 PM Karina Thanx, just send an email to Gnotes fanclub. This is not the official fanclub. In my letter described my situation and how I feel about it. Mayeb something positve comes out of it. My friends boyfriend has an creditcard, but he is to chicken to use it on the internet. Million of people are doing it, but doing this one thing for me was to much to ask for. Unbelievable. Going now! Thanx again for the nice words, bye 15-01-98 9:59 PM Cg. So...that's what you are worrying about. Don't worry I got it right....I can even memorise your e-mail. ....without an "@" an e-mail is not valid. I know that...Don't worry now....just wait. if anything goes wrong just let me know.. 16-01-98 1:12 AM Karina Great, absolutely great!!!!! I'm so happy. So kind of you to do this for me!! U are simply the best: o )))) I will send you the money as soon as possible by international banktransfer. That wil be around the 24th. I get my money than. Thank you. Please inform in what currency you would like it to receive and all other bankinfo! thanx again, wonderful to have such a good friend!: o ) 16-01-98 1:45 AM Karina Sorry that you had stay up so late for me!!! It is so easy to forget the time difference. I will be later online, when you get up. At leas I hope so. I am still recovering from the flue. I went on Monday to school, but I went a little bit to early. Now I am gonna stay home till I am complety recoverd. Thanx again. Hope you had a goodnight sleep. I wil be going soon to,hihi. 16-01-98 3:23 AM Cg. How many dogs do u have? All of them got wet, too? You might catch flu again you know. Oh perhaps I could tell u some thing about the rain in Malaysia: Here, the rain comes during the monsoon season. It is in November, December and January. In December especially the rains are very heavy. Some times many areas get flooded. During the other parts of the year the rains come occationally. 16-01-98 3:30 AM Cg. for the rest of the months we enjoy the sun everyday. Our beaches are clean and beautiful. Have u ever heard of turtlr watching? These gigantic leather back turtles do come ashore at night at one particular place in my state, Terengganu, to lay eggs. People from all over the world go there to watch them laying eggs. Chalets are built along the beaches for the tourists to stay. The turtles come in May, Jun, July,August and Sept. 16-01-98 3:36 AM Cg. I should take u there when u get here one day. We also have the worlds most beautiful islands srounded by coral reeves. The sands are white with rows and rows of palm (coconut) trees. People from ur part of the world come here during winter and do alot of sun bathing until they become very tanned. Oh what did I do?...telling u about my country? for now... 16-01-98 6:04 AM Karina Hi Cg.! I am going to bed now. U are absolutely right, having friends makes live worth living. Nice to have you as my friend. Hope that our friendship will last for years! Thank you again for turning a dreadful day into a wonderful day, it's such a good feeling when there are people who are willing to help you out. Have a wonderfull day! I am home tomorrow, I have always a offday on Friday. Bye, karina 16-01-98 7:11 AM Cg. Remember I told you that I was disconnected when I was halfway through...That was why and they thought I made two orders. I will check this out and you do something about it, too. Let us hope that they send you just one cd. Goodnight. Bye. 16-01-98 4:43 PM Karina Great, I will check this out later. I just got up. I have to wake up first, hihi! 16-01-98 9:24 PM Karina I don't know. I just wanted to check if you have wriiten it this way??? Because Aegean need my e-mailaddress, for sending my password. So i wanted to ask you if you spelled it this way, that's all Bye 16-01-98 9:28 PM Karina Cg. when I send you my address I indeed made a mistake!! I forgot the @ sign. between karina. harting @ Did you put that sign in my address. I accidently placed a point instead of this sign. Hope you have seen that. So this is the real address, hopefully it wil Did you type this, I get a little bit worried now. 16-01-98 10:13 PM Cg. I have been disconnected for 5 hours. You don't have to send the e-mail,because I already sent to them the first copy. 16-01-98 10:17 PM Cg. How is everything...I hope you are fine... Have a nice day for the rest of the day. Can't write long message , I'm scared I might be disconnected again. I wrote twice before this but got disconnected the minute I wanted to send it. I became very frustrated. Bye... 16-01-98 10:30 PM Karina Okay and thanks. Going to the shops now. Have been taking out my dogs for a walk. Really dreadful weather outhere.Raining!!!!! When I left, it was still dry, but just before I got home and rain started coming down heavily. I am all wet now. See you!! Karina 17-01-98 5:11 AM Cg. When I was in Canada 7 Degrees C was the coldest.And, that was very very cold for me. Let me see what Guestworld wants.I will see what I can do about it. Study hard so that you can get through the coming exam. I wish you the best of luck... I know you can do it. Bye. 17-01-98 5:31 AM Karina Thanx I will study hard. It's not my favourite language. I have send you the mail already. Really didn't know what to do with it. Bye I am going to sleep now. Greetings, Karina 17-01-98 5:33 AM Cg. I've got your mail. Actually you don't have to do anything about it, because it is juat a repeat of what you already have on the page... Bye.. Goodnight. 17-01-98 5:35 AM Karina Goodnight! !!!!!! Tomorrow I have some nice animated gifs which can be of great use for homepages for you. I am now to sleepy, have pain in my throat, although I am feelin better than a few days ago. Bye! 17-01-98 5:38 AM Cg. Good night..... 17-01-98 6:38 AM Karina Panic!!!!! I just got home and I read in an email from Aegean that I got my password. Good news, do you think? NO, I GOT TWO PASSWORDS AND TWO NICKNAMES. The name Jari, the one you thought was not accepted and Jariwan, so I got two passwords and two loginnames, I send an email directley to Aegean. They have time enough to make it right. Unbelievable. I take Jari, not only because of the name but the password is easy to remember: Radical. 17-01-98 6:40 AM Karina With Jariwan I received the password: Pyroxene. I don't even no what it means!! I am really worried, that they send two CD_ROMS. Please check it out with your creditcard company, I will make it right with Aegean. But do please check it. I am going to bed now, its really late. Unbelievable. Thank you for telling about your country, I like that!!! Goodbye! Karina